Waiting to retire the old Plex server

I recently mentioned that I was upgrading my Plex server with a newer, faster computer and a larger hard drive. And, I've mentioned some of the issues I've encountered along the way. None of the issues were directly related to Plex itself. That's been easy. It's the delay in delivery of components, issues with copying files, and of course, issues with the bloatware that companies (Dell, in this instance) put on computers.

Problems? Yes, but there were also solutions, so things progressed along. I got all of my movie files moved over and loaded into Plex. I got my short film files moved over and loaded into Plex. And I have my TV show files moved over and some of them loaded into Plex, but there are sill some more of those to go. And my music files need to move over. Oh, and music videos.

Movies are done. Well, mostly done. I have the movies, but not the collections. You see, I have a lot of my films in collections, such as Best Picture Oscar films all in one collection, AFI Top 100, Hitchcock films, Disney films, James Bond films, and so on. Having the old Plex for finishing that off is helpful.

I also have several playlists set up. For example, I have all of the original uncut versions of the movies that were riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000, except for two. I don't know why I've done this, other than it seemed like something I would try to do. I have 13 playlists: one for the KTMA season, ten for the Comedy Channel/Comedy Central/Sci-Fi Channel seasons, and two for the Netflix seasons. The movies are in riffed order, and I've never watched them from the playlist. But, I'll probably still set those up, just to say I have them.

I have the TV shows that I had on the old Plex, but as I mentioned some days ago, I never finished setting up Doctor Who, although I have all of the video files of the shows. I don't really need the old Plex server running for that, as I'm actually ahead of it on this task.

Music is an area where I'm not really sure. I thought that downloading again from iTunes then converting to MP3 would be easy enough, but I'm not seeing all of my purchases and iTunes Match content. I need to look into that more. And this may be the overriding reason for keeping the old Plex server around. Some of the music I have are songs purchased through iTunes. I don't always have the CD. For those I have on CD, it's not an issue. But for those where it's an iTunes match, I'd rather not break out the CD if I don't have to. But, I'll do what I have to do. The easiest way would be to pull from the old server.

Since I already had to set up the old server again in order to pull the files across the network, I'll just leave it there until I have everything finished on the new Plex server.

No, my Streaming Life shouldn't be this complicated, but these are complications I created, so I'll just deal with them. When I'm done, my Streaming Life will be better. Or that's what I keep telling myself.


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