Friday, November 19, 2021

Roku update issues

I promote myself as a long time cord-cutter/streamer. And I am that. And the streaming device I use the most is Roku. I've been a participant in Roku support forums for much of that time.

Recently, there have been a lot of reports form people complaining that their Roku devices aren't working properly after getting the update to OS 10.5.

Roku announced the update in September, and it is getting around to everyone's devices. Roku rolls out updates over a period of weeks and months. Not everybody gets it at the same time. That's probably in case things go bad, you don't have millions of users impacted all at once.

If that is the reason -- and yes, I believe it is -- then that recognizes that things can go wrong. That's not actually a bad thing, the acknowledgment that things can go wrong. Things often do go wrong, and it's nice that they aren't arrogant enough to say it will be perfect, and any problem isn't their fault.

Of course, just because it can be Roku causing an issue, that doesn't mean it is Roku causing an issue. That's why troubleshooting is needed. Try this, what happened? Try that, what happened? That's how troubleshooting works. Most people don't get that.

Another thing people don't like is when things go wrong. And, they shouldn't like it. They paid good money for a Roku device, and should get good use from it. Problems are, well, a problem.

I've watched many updates over the years, and this one seems to have more than others have had. Maybe it's just that so many more Roku users are there that it seems like more issues. However, a small percentage of a large number is bigger than a small percentage of a small number. It could be that the percentage of users with issues is in line with past releases, or even better than past releases. Still, it seems to have more issues.

The thing is, I've not had any issues with this update. I got the update on one device fairly quickly, but it's taken longer for other devices to get it. But my devices have the update, and everything works fine.

Why is it that I don't have issues that others have? Am I just lucky? I don't think so. I suspect I have more issues than I realize, but with my experience dealing with issues, I don't get all worked up, and take a careful measured approach to it. So maybe I am having the issues, but just deal with them better? I don't know.

My overall impression is that I don't have issues with Roku devices or updates. I know that's not actually the case, though. Heck, just recently, I had a Roku Ultra device die on me. So, I suppose I do have issues with Roku devices. However, it seems like I have fewer than most people.

Does attitude make the difference? Am I just lucky? I don't know. My Streaming Life is good. I'm not sure why it's better than some.

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