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Laying the groundwork for streaming

I'm gonna share a little background on my streaming history. Before all that, I want to share my TV history. I grew up watching TV. Those classic shows from the 60s? Yeah, I was watching them. Star Trek? The original Star Trek? Yeah, I saw those episodes when they aired for the first time. I loved watching TV. I'm not going to try to self-analyze and figure out why I liked TV or watched it so much. But I enjoyed watching TV. In 2006, after several years of my wife recording her soap operas to watch when she got off work, I did something she didn't want me to do. I spent the money for a TiVo. It didn't take long for her to enjoy the TiVo, and the ease of recording the shows and playing them back. No more having to swap out VHS tapes or worry about how you'd catch up on things. TiVo made it easy. Why or how does that relate to streaming? Well, think about it for a minute. On a VHS tape, you're watching something you recorded earlier. On a TiVo, you can watch somet

Streamer for life

My first Roku was model 2100, the XD|S I've been a cord cutter for several years. I got my first Roku in 2010, and dropped cable in 2011. It's been a happy experience since then. I'll be posting bits and pieces of the things I've run into over the years, along with ways I've resolved the issues, or what I did when they couldn't be resolved. If you have any questions or comments about cord cutting, I'm here to listen and help if I can. Cord cutting isn't for everyone, but it certainly was for me. Perhaps it'll be for you too, and you can experience a whole new way of watching TV.