About This Website

I have been a full-time streamer since 2011, although I've streamed content even longer. I dropped cable in 2011. As a long-time streamer, I have picked up many tips and tricks over the years. I can offer advice from a user's perspective. I don't work for a streaming company in any way. I'm a streamer. I'm one of you.

I will offer opinions and recommendations about devices from time to time. My opinions are my own, and are influenced solely by my own experiences. However, I want to make sure you know the following: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If there is an item I mention, and if I provide a link to an item, I will use an Amazon Affiliate link if possible.

In addition, Google may place shopping links within select pages on this Website. The selection of pages and the links placed on those pages are controlled by Google. I do not know ahead of time if a link will be placed, or what links will be places. However, I may receive a commission from the use of those links.

Note that I make all recommendations independent of any affiliate or link commission status. I will only recommend what I truly believe. I will not withhold a recommendation based on Amazon Affiliate status. What I say and do is truly how I feel.