Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Fire TV ads

Amazon Fire TV users are buzzing about the platform's new full-screen ads. While many have expressed frustration, here's a breakdown of what you may want to know:

Types of Full-Screen Ads:

  • Screensaver Ads: These pop up after a period of inactivity, replacing the usual screensaver for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Start-up Ads: Previously full-screen, these ads have been toned down due to negative feedback but are still present when turning on your Fire TV.
  • Other Ads: Sponsored tiles, banner ads, and feature rotator ads are also scattered throughout the Fire TV interface.

Can You Disable Them?

  • Screensaver Ads: There's currently no way to disable these ads.
  • Start-up Ads: You can disable them in Settings > Preferences > Device & Software Options > Start-up Sound/Screensaver.

Mixed Reactions:

Many users find these ads intrusive and disruptive, while Amazon sees them as a way to monetize their platform and offer more content. I agree that Amazon should be able to monetize their platform. I just don't like the way they're doing it.

What's Next?

Amazon's advertising efforts on Fire TV are clearly growing. Though some changes have been made in response to user feedback, the controversy around full-screen ads persists. It remains to be seen how Amazon will further address these concerns.

My Streaming doesn't rely on Fire TV very often. I haven't used my Fire TV in months, so these changes haven't affected me directly. But for those who rely on Fire TV, I hope this information proves useful. 

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