Saturday, February 26, 2022

ION Mystery is the new name of Court TV Mystery, but that's not the real mystery

I saw a news release from ION announcing the name change of the Court TV Mystery channel. They're all owned by the same company, so it's a name change. Or a rebranding. Or something.

If you don't know the background of ION, it started as Pax TV, entered and left deals with NBC, changed the name a couple of times, settling on ION, although the capitalization changed a few times. The news release from earlier this week uses all capital letters, so for now, so will I.

"Mystery has added popular procedural dramas to its schedule and with the network's programming now more connected with the hall of fame line-up of hit dramas on ION, aligning the two networks creates increased consumer recognition, expands brand affinity and cross-promotional strength, and facilitates the ability to naturally share content and more," said Lisa Knutson, president of Scripps Networks

They even had a video.


Here's the mystery, to my thinking. Does this mean the Court TV brand is now considered less valuable by ION? Is this a way to latch on to ION's popularity? Or is this ION's way of becoming edgier?

I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe they think there are too many brands. After all, they own Court TV, Newsy, Bounce, Defy TV, Grit, Laff, and TrueReal. I can pick up most of these on local channels. Some are available on free streaming services. The content does offer some variety of stuff to watch for free, either over the air or via free services.

I'm glad there is a family-oriented option for these kinds of networks. It's good when everyone has choices of what to watch. It makes everyone's Streaming Life much more enjoyable.

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