Sunday, February 20, 2022

Watching the NBA All-Star game

Tonight is the National Basketball Association's all star game. If you are a streamer, you can watch the game, as long as you have a subscription to one of the live streaming services carrying the game.

If you have an antenna, it won't do you any good. The game is on TNT and TBS, and you can't find that over the air. So, how can you, a streamer, watch it?

There are four streaming services that carry either of those networks. Actually, they carry both of them, so you can choose. Well, six services, if you county Sling three times. Because Sling is, well, Sling.


  • Sling TV (Orange) ($35/month)
  • Sling TV (Blue) ($35/month)
  • Sling TV (Orange+Blue) ($50/month)
  • YouTube TV ($65/month)
  • Hulu+Live TV ($70/month)
  • DirecTV Stream ($70/month)

Sling TV has two different plans. They carry many of the same channels, but the Orange plan has some channels the Blue plan doesn't have, and the Blue plan has some channels the Orange plan doesn't have, and the Orange+Blue plan combines them. The other services either have multiple plans that are build on the lower plans with each level adding more, or add-ons to the various plans.

Fubo TV, which markets itself as the top streaming service for sports, is actually the worst for basketball fans. Many games are on TBS or TNT, and Fubo doesn't carry either.

Oh, there are also some NBA events around the all star game that are carried on NBA TV. That can be a standalone service, or it can be part of a streaming package, such as with YouTube TV, as a higher tier plan for DirecTV Stream, or as an add-on to Sling TV (any plan).

If the NBA all star game is something you want in your Streaming Life, you have options.

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