Thursday, February 17, 2022

Fubo TV back to monthly?

There was a report this week that Fubo TV would switch back to monthly plans today. I hope this is true. Well, I kinda hope it's true. The hesitancy is because of that I'm seeing with the quarterly plan pricing.

In case you forgot, or never knew, the background, Fubo TV changed to quarterly plans earlier this month. I didn't see anyone else pick on on one things I noticed. Along with the move to quarterly, Fubo updated the monthly pricing, raising it around 24%.

See that monthly price? The one that's marked through? That indicates you still get the $65/month price, but only if you subscribe for a quarter at a time. If not, the price is $81/month. Of course, there was no monthly option, so this is either classic salesman lie-speak, or it's a sneaking in of a massive price increase.

The report about Fubo TV going back to monthly plans was from the Twitter account of The TV Answer Man, Phillip Swan.

Mr. Swan has a reliable reputation, so I'm inclined to believe he was correct regarding the plans, at least, at the time of his posting.

As of this writing, Fubo TV hasn't gone back to offering monthly plans (despite listing a monthly price in the quarterly plans), so I don't know if they're going to keep the old price of $65/month, or keep the new monthly price of $81/month.

Either way, this is a bad look for Fubo TV. I think it's a decent live TV service (if you need a live TV service) especially for most sports fans. But sketchy behavior like this can only help me decide to keep it out of my Streaming Life.

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