Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Am I really a fan of TV?

I saw a video the other day that mentioned a TV show that is considered by some to be one of the best shows ever. And I thought to myself, I thought, "Self, you know I've never seen an episode of that. Huh."

That was pretty much my reaction at the time, but it got me to thinking. How many classic TV shows have you never watched? Or maybe did watch but didn't like? So, I was curious. So I did some research. So I found out there were several shows that I've never watched, and others that I had seen but didn't care to watch.

Then I thought to myself, I thought, "Self, does this mean I'm not really a fan of TV?" Then I decided to start typing and see if I could come to an answer. This is me typing.

How do I pick the list of any so-called "top TV shows of all time?" Well, there are many ways this can be determined. TV Guide is a pretty good guide to this. A few years ago, they did an article called TV Guide Magazine's 60 Best Series of All Time. Here are some of the shows listed that I never watched.

No. 1: The Sopranos. I've never seen an episode. It was on HBO, and I didn't subscribe to HBO.

No. 2: Seinfeld. I've never seen an episode. I know it aired on NBC. Or ABC. Let me check. NBC. I don't even know what night it aired. Let me check. Wednesday or Thursday, from the looks of it. I don't know why I never watched it. Maybe I watched something on the other networks. Let's see. Oh, that's a lot of years. So we have Jake and the Fatman? No, that wasn't it. Home Improvement? Okay, that makes sense. In Living Color? Okay. Chicago Hope? Nope. The Commish? No. Rescue 911? No. Murder One? Diagnosis Murder? No and no. So, sometimes I watched other stuff and sometimes I watched nothing.

No. 6: The Wire. I've heard it's good, but again, never saw an episode. Probably because it was on HBO, and I didn't pay for HBO.

No. 18: Saturday Night Live. I watched in the early years, but haven't watched it since Norm Macdonald was fired. Well, I watched when he hosted it a year or so after being fired. But SNL has really not been something I cared to watch in the last couple of decades.

No. 19: Oprah Winfrey.

No. 21: Mad Men. Another NBC show? No, this was AMC. I had cable when it started, but never watched it for some reason. I've heard it's good.

No. 26: The Cosby Show. I saw a few episodes, and liked what I saw, but work or something often interfered, so I never watched it that much.

No. 28: Friends. Another NBC show? Yes, but again, never watched a single episode. I've heard it was good, but I never really had an interest in it.

No. 29: ER. Never watched it. I had to look up which network it was on. Medical dramas never really appealed to me. Well, except St. Elsewhere, which is No. 51 on the TV Guide list.

No. 30: Sesame Street. I was too old to watch it when it debuted. I'm not sure why my children and I never watched it, other than it aired during the day and I worked. Thinking about it, I did manage to watch a few episodes, but this was more of a work interference rather than a lack of interest.

I'll stop at the top 30. And of those, I've never seen a single episode of seven of them, and three more that I rarely ever watched.

So, does this mean I'm not a fan of TV? Not at all. It just means that I don't watch everything. Of the top 30, I regularly watched two out of three shows. And as it was once said, two out of three ain't bad. So yeah, I'm a fan of TV. Maybe not the same TV you like, but I wonder if you regularly watched 2/3 of the top 30 shows. Check out the list and see.

Of course, it really doesn't matter, does it? TV offers a lot of content that appeals to a lot of different people. The important thing is that you be able to watch the shows you want. I stream. You do too. Well, probably, since you're on a streaming tips and opinion Website. I like having the ability to watch the shows I want to watch, whether current shows, or classic shows that I want to watch again. Streaming lets me do that. And I really like having classic TV shows in my Streaming Life.

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