Sunday, July 7, 2024

The Kaspersky ban

Kaspersky products have been banned in the USA. Most of them, anyway. As of July 20, 2024, Kaspersky is prohibited from entering into any new agreement with U.S. persons involving its cybersecurity and antivirus products and services.

As of September 29, 2024, resellers will no longer be able to sell Kaspersky products and Kaspersky must stop providing updates and operating its Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) in the U.S.

Why? Well, the U.S. Department of Commerce cited national security risks due to Kaspersky's ties with the Russian government. U.S. government agencies had already been banned from using Kaspersky products since 2017.

The new ban extends to all US persons, including private individuals and businesses. Some Kaspersky products are exempt: Threat Intelligence products and services, Security Training products and services, and consulting and advisory services are not included in the ban. Existing customers can continue using Kaspersky products until September 29, 2024, but won't receive updates after that date.

Britec has a video with all the details:


I've not used Kaspersky products in quite some time. The reason, though, is that Windows includes good protection if the user will simply use it. MacOS users have less need for their products. Linux comptuers as well are quite secure. ChromeOS devices as well.

Above all else, practicing safe computing is necessary. Whatever you use, if you aren't safe, you can undo all the protection the products offer. My Streaming Life considers security and privacy to be important. You should as well.

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