It's Hulu time again, maybe

I have subscribed to Hulu for ... well, since it was called Hulu Plus and there were two different Hulu services. In other words, for a while. But, during my purge earlier this year, I dropped Hulu. It turns out that I hadn't watched anything on it for some time. So, even though it was only $6/month, that was me paying $6/month for a service I wasn't using. "Heck," I said to myself, "I'll resubscribe in the fall when the new shows start."

I figured in September, I'd resubscribe. But, I didn't. I don't think it even crossed my mind. October came and went. Now we're halfway through November -- yes, we are half-way through November as of this past Monday -- and I still haven't subscribed to Hulu. I suppose I'm waiting on the new episodes to start.

Well, I actually don't know when the new episodes start. But I accidentally found out that some have started. The Rookie, that police show with the guy from Firefly on it, has started. Four episodes in, I think. Maybe five.

Anyway, I suppose it's time to subscribe to Hulu again. I may wait until next week. I still got a lot going on with work, as well as my Plex server. I still have to set up my collections. All the movies and TV shows are moved from the old one, and I'm getting other shows I never finished putting into Plex, primarily the new Doctor Who episodes. I've been working on that along and along.

Speaking of TV, I have Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (don't ask), The IT Crowd, The Outer Limits (1963), and The Twilight Zone (1959). Of course, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is there. So, I've been dealing with TV shows, just older shows. The new ones can wait. But for how long.

I'll probably wait until next week to subscribe to Hulu again. Except that's the week of Thanksgiving. Hmmm.

Some time in December then. Yeah. I'll subscribe to Hulu before the year is out. Probably.

I really though I would miss Hulu a lot more than I have. But, I won't abandon it for good. It will once again be a part of my Streaming Life soon. Or some time.


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