My problem with ESPN+

I don't normally subscribe to ESPN+, except during football season. There are college football games that are only on ESPN+, and I want to be able to watch them. So, during football season I subscribe to ESPN+.

So what's the problem? Well, it's the app. Let me explain.

When I'm watching football games, I'll often open the ESPN app on my phone, and check other games. If something seems interesting, I'll switch over to it. But, that's when ESPN+ decides to tick me off. ESPN+ is big into some fight club league or something. Ultimate Fightling something something.

I've never been big on fights, whether boxing or whatever this UFC thing is. Simply put, I'm not interested. If it's something you like, fine. They need to target you, not me.

The ESPN app allows me to pick teams or sports in which I have an interest. I've never picked any kind of fighting league, yet every time I open the app, wanting to see the teams or sports I have marked as an interest, I get some ad telling me about some fight.

I get it. They're promoting something they've invested in. They've spent money to carry that sport, and they want to make sure anyone that is interested knows about fights coming up. Only, the fact that I haven't picked that sport as a favorite ought to tell them something. And, I suspect it does, but they don't care. They're gonna show me ads for it, even though I never click on them, and won't watch the stuff.

Maybe they spent all of their money securing the rights to the fights, and they don't have enough money to build smarts into their apps so they'll get more efficient exposure of the sport. But, if they need to show it to everybody in order to pick up eyeballs for the stuff, okay. I'll ignore the stuff. I just wish I didn't have to.

If this is the worst problem I have with ESPN+, I'm doing okay. I won't be watching the fights, but if my putting up with the ads allows you to find out about something you want to see, them I'll just deal with it. Your Streaming Life is important, too.


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