Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Watching ESPN

I don't watch ESPN except during college football season. That's the reason I only subscribe to a live streaming service during football season: to get ESPN. I usually go with Sling TV (Orange) but if another service has a special price, I'll jump around.

Does that make it confusing for finding ESPN on my streaming devices? No, not really. There's a little housekeeping involved, but the app is always the same. I use the ESPN app authenticated against whatever streaming service I have.

My default live streaming service is Sling TV, because it's cheaper than the others. Unless the others are running a promotion, in which case, I authenticate against the cheaper service. Yes, that means that once a month, I may have to log out of the old service and log in using the new service. But it's once a month. I can deal with that. And so can you.

That way, when I want to watch ESPN, I use the ESPN app. I hardly ever use the streaming service app, whatever the service is I'm using that month.

To me, it's easy. The app is always the same. I never have to try to remember which service I'm using, except when I change services. And, it makes sense to me. ESPN is on ESPN.

A lot of people use the app for their streaming service. If that makes their Streaming Life easier, fine. But it is much easier for me to use the same app all season long. Consider if that might make things easier for you as well.

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