Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Plex server delay

I mentioned the other day that I was upgrading my Plex server. Well, it arrived. Sort of.

The new computer arrived, but the new large hard drive is still to be delivered. My current Plex server has a 10 TB drive, and I'm upgrading to 14 TB, since the current drive is nearly 80% full. No, I didn't have to upgrade just yet, but I will have to eventually, and a new computer is as good a time as any. So, when the new hard drive arrives, I'll complete the setup.

I did start the setup. Downloaded the Windows updates and got it ready to put the new drive in. I'll then transfer the content from the current drive to the new one. I have an adapter that will allow me to connect the old drive to the new computer. I can then simply copy all the files over. When that's done, I'll install Plex server software, and retire the old device.

Or, thinking about it, maybe I'll just access the old drive via the network, and copy it over the network to the new drive.

When the new drive arrives, I'll decide. Either way, this will be a completely clean install, and I'll have a lot of free space -- nearly 6 TB free -- on the new drive.

I've been happy with my old Windows computer running Plex. I think I'm going to like the new one even better. Once everything arrives.

Will this improve my Streaming Life? Probably not. Or not at first. But as I increase my local content library, this will indeed be an improvement.

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