Thursday, September 30, 2021

Discovery+: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

Recently, I mentioned that I had cut back even more on my subscriptions, after checking to see what I actually used. I ended up keeping Amazon Prime, but not for the video streaming; rather, for the other benefits.

Oh, and since then, I did subscribe to a live streaming service for the purpose of watching football. That's expired, but I'll start another when this weekend's games kick off.

All the rest? I never watched them, so I dropped them. No use spending money for something I won't watch.

But then, I saw where Discovery+ is running a special. A year of service is $36. That works out to $3/month. For the content they offer, that is one heckuva deal. And I'm tempted. Really tempted.

My willpower is strong. I can resist anything. Well, anything except temptation. And I'm really thinking about that Discovery+ pricing. I may start watching that service just to say I got such a deal.

Seriously, I am thinking about it.

You should too. It's a great price, and Discovery+ content is pretty good content. I'm thinking seriously about returning it to my Streaming Life. You should too.

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