Changing TV habits

I don't watch TV like I used to. And, yes, as a cord cutter, I'm aware that statement can have many meanings. So, which do I mean? All of them.

Having dropped cable in early 2011, and streaming most everything since them -- watching over the air antenna channels isn't really streaming -- I certainly don't watch TV like I used to. I watch it a totally different way.

But, the other meaning applies, too. I don't watch as many TV shows as I used to. I'm not sure if that's because my personal tastes in TV have changed, or if the stuff they're putting on TV these days just doesn't appeal to me.

I do watch some current shows. I'm awaiting the return of The Orville and Better Call Saul, for instance. And maybe some other shows, but those two are the first to come to mind. I'm hoping Doctor Who gets good again, but I'm starting to lose hope about that. And there are a few other shows I watch. So, I do watch current shows, but I still don't watch as many as I used to.

I still use my Roku regularly though. I find that I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Bad movie reviews -- Dark Corners, Cinematic Excrement, etc. -- are a favorite. There are a lot of other things too, such as science videos, history videos -- I love The History Guy -- and more.

The commercials on YouTube are getting more and more annoying. And, that's someone who normally doesn't mind about commercials saying this. But still, I've enjoyed watching YouTube.

So, I don't watch TV like I used to. But I watch TV like I want to. That's what streaming does for me. I didn't cut the cord for this reason, but rather to save money. I'm saving money, but my viewing habits are changing, and they're changing to suit me. My Streaming Life is good.


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