Streaming a better deal than cable?

I started streaming in 2010 and dropped cable in 2011. I did it because it was cheaper. Also, I thought the technology was fascinating.

There weren't a lot of people that felt that way in 2011, mostly because it was a new thing and people simply weren't aware. Well, more and more are aware, and more and more are cutting the cord. And liking the money their saving.

TVTech reports that a study by Criteo reveals that nearly 70% of streamers think they're getting a better deal than with cable:

A large majority also highlighted how much they value these services, with 69% saying streaming was a better value for their money than cable TV and 64% saying that the content was more entertaining.

"The State of Video & Connected TV Survey” from Criteo found that viewing of streaming services were growing, with 63% of respondents saying they were spending more time streaming since the start of the pandemic and one in three Americans (36%) saying they spent more than 10 hours a week watching streaming services.

Welcome to your Streaming Life, where you save money and are more entertained.


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