Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Watching the World Series as a streamer

The Fall Classic, the World Series, began last night, and for the third time in five years, two National League teams are playing for the title.

Okay, I know the Astros are in the American League, having moved there beginning with the 2013 season. But that was a bad idea. Major League Baseball had moved the Brewers from the American League to the National League in 1998. They decided they needed to move a team from the American to the National in 2013, but didn't move the Brewers back. Rather, the Astros made the move. But, just like I still think of the Brewers as an American League team, I still think of the Astros as a National League team. So that's the background of my little joke.

Anyway, the series started last night, and will go at least three more games. If you're a streamer -- and if you're not, why not? -- and if you're a baseball fan, you're probably wanting to watch the series, even if neither of the teams are yours.

So, how does a streamer watch the World Series? There are a couple of ways.

Sports Bar

Okay, this isn't really answering the question, but this is a viable option. Watching a big game at a sports bar may be the perfect way for you. If so, that's a great option. Just make sure someone is capable of driving safely afterwards. But, what about from home. How do you watch the World Series at home?


If you live close enough to a Fox affiliate, you can pick up the game via an antenna. I have an antenna and am able to watch the games that way. But what other options?


There are several live streaming services that carry Fox local broadcasts. They will run from $55/month to $70/month.:

  • Sling Orange, select markets only ($35)
  • Vidgo ($55, $10 first month) see note
  • Hulu+Live TV ($65)
  • YouTube TV ($65)
  • Fubo ($65)
  • DirecTV Stream, formerly AT&T TV ($70)

Note: Vidgo is not commonly listed in most online Websites that mention watching local channels. However, it is available in my area, whereas Sling TV doesn't carry the Fox local affiliate here. Do your research before picking Vidgo, in the event you are in an area where the local Fox affiliate isn't available.

And that's it. If you want to include the World Series in your Streaming Life, you have options.

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