Saturday, October 2, 2021

Trying Fubo. Again

While I've been quite clear that I don't normally use a live streaming service, I've also been clear that during college football season, I will subscribe. When there's something that I want to watch live, a live streaming service is of course the way to go. Most of the year, I don't care. During football season, I do care.

To start the season, I went with Sling TV, which is my go-to service, because of the price. It's a lot cheaper than most of the other live streaming services, because it doesn't have to pay the broadcast fee that local channels require. You don't get local channels, but having an antenna makes that a non-issue. I subscribed for 30 days, and that took me through five weekends. Look at a calendar if that doesn't make sense.

I canceled the service, so it wouldn't automatically renew. That way, I could subscribe again when the games started for the weekend. I didn't watch the game Thursday night because my schedule didn't allow for it, but Friday night was football night. And it was time to resubscribe.

I wasn't sure if I would resubscribe to Sling TV or Fubo. The Google-NBCUniversal dispute and the chance of YouTube TV dropping its price made that another option. So Friday night, it was time to decide and subscribe.

When the extension of NBCUniversal channels on YouTube TV was announced, that meant no price reduction, so YouTube TV was out of the mix. For the same price, Fubo has more sports channels. But Sling TV is still cheaper. So, who would get my money on Friday night?


Oh, I subscribed alright. But something unexpected happened.

A while back, I had subscribed to Fubo TV and gave it a try. I thought it was a good live streaming service, but I didn't need a live streaming service, so after a full month of service, I canceled. That meant I wasn't expecting a free trial for a future subscription. But, for some reason, I got a week free. I fully expected to pay $65 on Friday night, but I didn't. I got a week free.

That gives me another week to change my mind. If, during the next few days, I decide on a different service -- Sling TV most likely, unless YouTube TV ends up dropping NBCUniversal channels and their price -- then I'll subscribe then. Otherwise, I'll let Fubo TV charge my card next week and use them for six weekends, rather than five.

This slight quandary is actually a good thing. It means there are enough options to make me have to think about it. Options are good. That means there's competition, and that keeps prices under control, at least to a degree.

My Streaming Life is good. It's got college football, and that's my focus on weekends until the middle of January.

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