Good news, bad news for Hulu+Live TV?

Fans of the NFL got some good news recently from Hulu+Live TV. NFL Network is now part of Hulu+Live TV.

With a subscription to Hulu + Live TV, you can follow your favorite NFL pro football teams throughout the 2020 season, record their games, and access the live TV broadcasts aired on NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NFL Network — through all of your Live TV supported mobile and TV-connected devices.

This does seem good news to Hulu+Live TV subscribers, with the service adding something that's already on competing services. As of this writing, NFL Network is already on Fubo ($65/month), Vidgo ($55/month), and Sling TV ($35/month).

So, what's the bad news?

Well, to be honest, there might not be any bad news. But, I do worry about something. Here's my concern.

Stuff is going to go up in price. That's how things go. Some services take longer for price increases, and some have smaller price increases. Hulu+Live TV has gone from $40/month in 2017 to $65/month today.

Of course, they've added more content, meaning that while you're paying more you're getting more. On the other hand, when you get more, you pay more. Even if what you get isn't what you want.

There's no price increase announced, but keep in mind, the addition of more channels eventually led to a higher subscription cost. I consider this just one part of the justification of the next price increase.

Am I complaining about the glass being half empty? Maybe. I'm just keeping in mind that this is how things go. More costs more. Maybe not at first, but it will.

Is Hulu+Live TV worth it? Well, yeah. This adding doesn't come with a price increase. Yet. So, this week, you're getting more than you got last week for the same amount. That's good. But will this lead to a price increase down the road? I think so.

I'm not intending to trash Hulu+Live TV, so don't take it that way. Just keep in mind that it will come. Enjoy your Streaming Life while the price is the same.


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