More Streamers (again)

A report out recently shows that more people are streaming, even as COVID-19 restrictions relaxed. True, more restrictions are going in place in many places, but overall, there are fewer restrictions than a year ago, so not as much forced home time as a year ago. Still, overall, streaming is up:

Streaming grew by 13% in Q2 2021 versus the same time last year. June enjoyed the biggest increases of the quarter...

The report from Conviva covers the world, not just the U.S. Most of the increases worldwide was from South America, which showed a 192% increase. North America's increase was the smallest at 2%. However, every region showed increases worldwide over the same quarter a year ago.

There was actually a drop of 7% in North America in April, but an overall increase for the quarter. Apart from that one month in North America, every month every region was an increase over same month a year earlier.

Folks are streaming. I am, and have been for a while. But more and more are streaming. And that's good, right?

Well, there are drawbacks. When there were fewer streamers, our voice carried more weight. But, as the number of streamers increase, there are more and more voices. My voice, and the voices of all long-time streamers, are watered down. However, more streamers mean more and more companies are focusing on streamers. So, while there are more voices, there are more ears listening too. Still, overall, my voice is just one on millions. But, I'm still a voice, as are you.

Companies will listen, and maybe pay more attention to what we say overall, just not so much individually. I think overall it is a good thing, and our Streaming Life will continue to improve.


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