Friday, August 6, 2021

Fire TV again

I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of Amazon Fire TV devices. I've used a Fire TV box and the Fire Stick. Or is it Firestick? Let me check.

Oh. It's Fire TV Stick. I'll try to remember that.

Anyway, I've had Fire TV devices, including the box, the Stick, and even a television with built in Fire TV. I've not liked them.

Part of the problem is the blending of Amazon into the interface. I get why it's there, since it's an Amazon device. I wouldn't expect it to be all iTunes or Google Play. Of course, Apple TV integrates iTunes or Apple store content into the interface, and Google integrates Google Play Store into the Android TV/Google TV interfaces. So, it's not like Amazon is doing something different. However, it just seems more obvious to me, too "in your face" to my liking.

I could, of course, be wrong. And if they are promoting Amazon content over others, so what? If the device is easy to use and gets the user what is wanted, that's actually a good thing.

But that's the lesser issue I have with Fire TV devices. The main issue is the responsiveness of the Fire TV devices I've used.

Now, the actual TV with Fire TV built in doesn't fall into that category. The TV I used was responsive. There were other concerns, that really weren't Amazon's fault, but rather the TV manufacturer that was the problem.


It's been some time since I've used a Fire TV device. And I've read reports that the new Fire TV Stick 4K is a good device that is responsive, as it should be. So, I'm going to try one.

This will be the fifth or sixth Amazon Fire TV device I've had over the years. If this one is actually as good as I've read, then it will finally be something useful.

I ordered a Fire TV Stick 4K and it arrived yesterday. I'll be using it off and on for the next bit. Maybe I'll be happy with it. Or at least not as disappointed as I've been.

Fingers are crossed. Maybe this will be a useful addition to the hardware I use in my Streaming Life.

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