Friday, August 27, 2021

Getting ready for some football

As a fan of college football, every year at this time I'm excited about the upcoming season. Now, I've not had my team win a national championship in several years. Either team. Yes, I've got a couple of teams I follow.

About an hour away is a Division 1-A/FBS school that used to be a Division 1-AA/FCS powerhouse, winning six national championships. They made the jump to FBS/1-A several years ago, but I've remained a follower of the team. Then, of course, there's the other team that I follow that has been a 1-A/FBS power for many many years, but while they've won their conference several times, they haven't won a national championship but once in my lifetime.

So, despite the odds that I won't be one of those strutting around bragging about how "my team" -- either one of them -- won the national championship, I'm still excited to watch the teams play. And that's something that was hard to do in the early days of cord cutting.

Sling TV launched in 2015, the first live streaming service for cord cutters. That was a welcome service, as the 2011-2014 seasons were pretty much unavailable to me as a cord cutter, apart from what I could watch via antenna.

As the season approaches, I'm ready to subscribe to Sling TV in order to watch college football. Sling isn't the only option I have, but its the best priced option for me. You may choose another service, depending on what you want to watch.

I'm interested in SEC and Sun Belt football. That means I'm wanting ESPN and SEC Network, with some ESPN+ thrown in some time during the season. With Sling TV, the SEC Network is part of an $11 add-on service. I'll subscribe to that when I'm ready to watch something on SEC Network. If I go the season without it, great. But I'll probably want it somewhere along the way.

Same thing with ESPN+. If there's something airing there that I want to watch, I'll subscribe. Otherwise, I won't.

Since I have an antenna, I'll be able to watch some of the major games, include the Georgia-Clemson game that features two highly ranked teams on September 4, without a subscription.

What about you? What service do you need?

Well, that's an involved topic, and there are a lot of variables. We'll talk about that another time. Right now, I've decided what works best for me, and that is Sling TV. You might want something different. After all, my Streaming Life isn't the same as your Streaming Life.

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