Friday, August 13, 2021

More streamers

A couple of news articles this week reported that two streaming services are continuing to increase subscribers. That's not a surprise to me, but it is evidence of what I knew.

Fubo TV had a larger increase than expected in the last quarter:

FuboTV added 91,000 subscribers in the June quarter, ending the period with 682,000 total subscribers. Analysts expected the New York City-based company to add 12,000 new subscribers in the second quarter for a total of 602,000 subscribers.

That's a few days after Sling TV reported an increase of 65,000 subscribers, bringing the total to 2.44 million. That helped parent company Dish top their earning expectations despite losing 67,000 pay-TV subscribers overall:

Dish's revenue for the quarter rose to $4.49 billion from $3.19 billion, while analysts had been modeling $4.43 billion. The company's net pay-TV subscribers declined by about 67,000 in the second quarter, compared with a net decrease of roughly 96,000 a year earlier. Dish finished the quarter with 10.99 million pay-TV subscribers, including 8.55 million from Dish TV and 2.44 million from Sling TV.

Fewer subscribers but more earning. Streaming is saving these companies. It's is the future of TV. Heck, it's the present of TV.

More and more are enjoying the Streaming Life.

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