Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Goodbye AT&T TV

No, I'm not dropping AT&T TV service. I can't. I'm not a subscriber. I used to be. Well, sort of. Let me explain.

I tried out DirecTV Now some time back, shortly after it launched. It was an okay service. Actually, it was more than okay. It was a good service. I had no problems with it at all. Sling TV, on the other hand, was kind of problematic. It would crash or freeze or stutter. DirecTV Now was much better.

I didn't stay with DirecTV Now because it did't bring any real value to me. I could watch what I wanted without paying the $35/month. And, no, that's not a typo. That was how much it cost back then.

Of course, the service rebranded as AT&T TV Now, then again, becoming AT&T TV. And, yes, price increases along the way, to the point where it's now over twice the original cost.

With that history, you shouldn't be surprised there's another change coming. AT&T TV will soon be no more. They're rebranding the service as DirecTV Stream.

For those who stream it, the newly branded DIRECTV STREAM will become the single brand for video streaming services previously launched by AT&T, excluding HBO Max. The transition will happen later this month, and service will continue to be available with no term commitment or hidden fees. To enjoy the best of live TV and on-demand, customers can either bring their own streaming device, or use DIRECTV’s exclusive streaming device.

It's part of the spinoff of DirecTV that AT&T began some time back. It's now done, and the name change will happen soon.

As for the service, it should be as before. While I didn't use the service, or at least haven't in quite some time, I did think it was a top notch service. And while I won't be subscribing to DirecTV Stream -- at least, I have no plans to -- I still think that for those that want a live streaming service, it will be a worthwhile addition to their Streaming Life.

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