Finding the time to stream?

I've been streaming for over 10 years. I mean exclusively. Even before I cut cable, I streamed content, Netflix mostly, Amazon a little. My TiVo had limited capability and worked better for downloading non-Netflix content. Still, I was a little familiar with streaming.

When I cut cable in early 2011, I streamed content when I watched TV, and loved it. I didn't have to find time to stream. When I watched TV, instead of firing up the TiVo, I fired up the Roku. I just watched stuff through a different device.

And that's the thing, why do I suddenly think that the situation of "finding the time to stream" even exists? It shouldn't. Where did I even come up with the concept?

Is it the same thing as "finding time to watch TV?" If so, then that really doesn't make sense either. Why on earth would anyone need to find the time to watch TV? If TV is that bog of a deal, it's too big in my life. Or yours, if the case apples to you too.

TV is nothing but entertainment. Sure, I put a lot of money into that device hanging on the wall. Or in the bedroom. Or bedrooms. TV should never be the center of anything, apart from being centered on the wall or over the fireplace. It definitely should not be the center of anyone's day or life.

TV is a distraction, like all other forms of entertainment. A book. A hobby. Anything that isn't what you need to focus on: your family, your health, your career. TV is just entertainment. You should find time to relax, but it doesn't need to be TV.

I really do enjoy watching TV, whether TV shows or movies, and I enjoy the variety I can find via streaming. But it's just TV. I do enjoy my Streaming Life, but I (and you) should never let it interfere with real life.


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