Monday, August 23, 2021

Roku Streambar

As you may be aware, I have several Roku devices on several TVs across multiple locations that I manage. One device I've only mentioned a time or two is the Roku Streambar. It's currently on the TV I use the most. I made that change a little while back and have left in in place. But maybe not why you think.

I am currently using a TV with non-Roku smarts as my main TV. Of course, I have a Roku and other devices attached to it: Fire TV Stick 4K and Chromecast with Google TV. The Roku attached to this TV is the Streambar, model 9210.

The TV sound is okay, but I wanted to improve the sound, so I was looking at a sound bar. I decided to consider the Roku Soundbar but waited to make a decision. Until it went on sale. So, when I found it on sale, I bought one, and installed it, replacing the Roku Streaming Stick+ that was on the TV.

The Streambar works about as well as the Streaming Stick+, which is pretty good, but it's not quite as good as a Roku Ultra. The difference isn't much though.

The sound is better than the TV's native sound. I know that's not a ringing endorsement, but the fact is my ears aren't perfect; loud music in my youth, being around artillery when in the military, things like that take a toll. If you want to compare it to other sound bars, I can't really offer a full comparison. That's simply a limitation of my physical abilities. So, if you read a review that compares it to others, I won't offer any counter or conflict regarding such reviews.

I will tell you that the TV sounds better with it than without it. I stand by that. The degree is the issue, and one I can't honestly address. But, it's better, and it's a Roku.

Can I recommend getting this as your only Roku device? Well, honestly, no. I would rather you listen to one if you could before you bought one. But, I will have no problem buying another one. I have another TV that needs a sound bar, and I'm getting a Roku Streambar for it. When it goes on sale. I know what I want, but I'm going to save money when I get it.

The Roku Streambar has been a welcome addition to my Streaming Life. I hope that if you decide to get one, you'll be happy with yours as well.

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