Wednesday, May 8, 2024

I gotta try the new Walmart 4K streamer

I've been pleasantly surprised with the Walmart Onn streaming devices. Well, the second generation devices. The first generation devices were awful.

The original Onn Streaming Stick and Streaming Box were terrible devices. However, when they released new devices last year, I gave them a look, and I liked what I saw.

The current Onn Streaming Box is a great device for $20. The Onn Streaming Stick is good as well, but I like the box better.

Recently, word came out of an updated Streaming Box, with some seeing it on shelves, but not officially released -- somebody in stocking at some Walmart store had some explaining to do! -- so I've waited until it's officially released to decide what to do.

Well, now it's been released. And I will get one and try it out. Eventually.

You see, it's not in stock. Oh, it's been released, and showing as an item for sale on the Walmart Website, it's just that they're all sold out.

When they are back in stock I'll get one and try it out. I'm optimistic based on the current devices. My Streaming Life sometimes uses the Walmart box as a Google TV device. I think I'll like the new one. I sure hope I'm not disappointed by the device.

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