Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Comparing Google/Android TV devices

Recently, AFTV News compared a group of Google TV (or Android TV) devices against the Fire TV Cube and some Fire TV Stick devices.

I found the article interesting. Maybe you will too.

The report indicated the Fire TV was the top device, but NVIDIA Shield was second and third (Pro and Standard versions).

Two Fire TV Sticks took 4th and 5th. Google Chromecast took 6th. The two Walmart boxes took 7th and 8th.

No big surprise, really. The Fire TV Cube is a really good device, but I prefer the NVIDIA Shield to it. I also prefer the Chromecast to the Fire TV Sticks, but that's simply a personal preference. The Walmart devices are still the best value, in my mind.

My Streaming Life doesn't involve gaming, but if yours does, the order of finish from AFTV News is a good guide. If gaming doesn't matter, they're all really good devices, and the interface should be the deciding factor. For me, it's Google TV rather than Fire TV. But that's just a personal preference.


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