Friday, May 31, 2024

Google changing product names again?

Google is changing the name of something. Again.

Remember a few years back when Google Cast was renamed "Chromecast built-in?" If not, well they did. That's what's important in all this.

Now, Google is rebranding "Chromecast built-in" as ... wait for it ... "Google Cast." Ta dah!

Why the name change? Who knows. It's Google being Google, and that's reason enough I suppose.

Website 9to5Google noticed the change this week 9to5Google noticed the change this week:

The updated branding is referenced on Android.comon (with redirecting to that page) and this Google Support articlethis Google Support article

Google Cast (formerly Chromecast built-in) delivers multi-screen TV and audio experiences with speakers.

"Google Cast" inherently gets "Google" into the name, so that could be why this change is happening today.

I'm not picking on Google. Well, maybe. But they aren't alone. Remember when everything Apple was "i-this" and "i-that" and such? Now it's "Apple this" and "Apple that" and so on. Companies do that.

The Chromecast name appears to now belong exclusively to the streaming devices. I will look for other Chromecast compatible devices, such as the Walmart Onn Streaming Device line to see if the packaging changes to reflect Google Cast or if Chromecast remains. That depends, I suspect, on whether Chromecast refers to Google's device exclusively, or to any such streaming device apart from a TV with the functionality built in.

My Streaming Life uses Chromecast and Chromecast compatible devices. A simple name change won't impact me, or you. But I wonder what is actually behind it, and if it's more than simply branding. What lurks underneath?

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