Thursday, May 23, 2024

Can you completely cancel Comcast (or Spectrum)?

I cut cable years ago. To clarify, I dropped cable TV. I still have cable Internet.

Suppose you want to drop not just cable TV, but also cable Internet. What are your options? Cord Cutters News has some suggestions.

#1 Your Phone Company

When I say “contact your phone company about Internet service” you are likely thinking DSL. The good news is most phone companies won’t even sell DSL any more including AT&T. Instead, they are offering fiber in most areas.

If you have not talked to your phone company in a few years it may be time to give them a call and look at their fiber options.

#2 5G Home Internet

The fastest-growing Internet service in the United States right now is 5G Home Internet especially from T-Mobile and Verizon. Yes, these services are not available in all areas, but you may be surprised how many areas they are available in. Also, look at AT&T for its new 5G Home Internet as it slowly rolls out.

If they are not in your area yet make sure to sign up for notifications as they are quickly rolling out across all their markets.

Fiber and satellite are two other options mentioned. Give the article a look.

My Streaming Life has only satellite of these four options, should I decide to drop cable. So far, it's cheaper for me to stay with Comcast/Xfinity.

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