Friday, May 17, 2024

Is Walmart removing the premium remote from their new Onn 4K Steaming Device?

It sure looks like Walmart has stopped, at least temporarily, including a fancy new backlit remote with the Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device.

Lon Seidman noticed his new device had the old remote on a video he posted recently on Lon.TV. Now, AFTV News has a report that this wasn't an accident:

When the listing first appeared at the start of the month, the images showed a more premium remote that included backlit buttons. The updated images now show the standard remote without backlit buttons.

The premium remote that comes with backlit buttons is easy to identify because it is also the version that comes with a large blue “Free TV” button. The remotes without a backlight are also missing the blue button. Apart from a few unsubstantiated comments I’ve come across, it does seem as though both versions of the remote do include a remote finder, as is demonstrated in this review video which shows the standard remote beeping after the button on the front of the Onn 4K Pro is pressed.

While the introduction of new images showcasing the standard remote seems to suggest that Walmart is continuing with the non-premium remote, this may not necessarily be the situation. That’s because Onn 4K Pro boxes that include the premium remote actually have a more recent manufacturing date.

So, they may make a comeback, but that's not a guarantee. My Streaming Life is fine with the old remote on the old Onn 4K device. But, if I do get a newer device, I want the better remote.

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