Thursday, May 16, 2024

Roku and baseball

Roku will be carrying some Major League Baseball games for free. And you don't need a Roku device to watch them.

According to a post from late March, Roku will carry Sunday MLB games:

Starting May 19, we will offer Sunday MLB games for free on The Roku Channel, plus an all-new MLB Zone to help you discover live and upcoming games, nightly recaps, highlights, a fully programmed MLB FAST channel in the Live TV Channel Guide, and more across the Roku platform.

That kinda got lost in the shuffle until recently. Now, as we approach May 19, it's getting more attention. Roku made another announcement this past week, and that has gathered a lot of attention, but people are overlooking what Roku said in March, as quoted above.

The new news release give a few more details, but it still means the same thing: Roku Channel will carry games. And that means you don't need a Roku, if you download the Roku Channel app for your Fire TV or Google/Android TV device. Sorry Apple TV users, there isn't a Roku Channel app for your platform.

My Streaming Life has missed having baseball. This helps.

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