Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Maybe not the new Walmart Onn Streaming Box

Last week, I expressed a desire to try the new Walmart Onn 4K Pro Streaming Box. Well, Lon.TV actually tried it, and based on my experience with his reviews in the past, I'm now thinking about giving the new Walmart box a pass.


If the only real feature is the Google Home capability -- essentially meaning it includes the functionality of a Google Nest Mini -- then it's not really worth the extra money to me. It might be to someone though, as the Google Nest Mini is regularly $49, the cost of the Onn 4K Pro Streaming Box. It's kinda like bundling a Chromecast with a Google Nest mini, except the specs are a little lower.

My Streaming Life uses both Chromecast and Onn Streaming Device setups, and I like them both. I still may try one, but since the overall device is the same experience insofar as streaming, and I don't need another Google Assistant device in the Living Room, I may pass on this. Or at least delay trying it out.

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