Friday, May 10, 2024

More Amazon ads?

The Hollywood Reporter says Amazon is adding more ads. Yay?

According to the report, Amazon is going to offer "an expanded suite of new interactive and shoppable ad formats" to Prime Video.

The three formats are:

Shoppable carousel ads, which includes a sliding lineup of products from a sponsor during Prime Video commercial breaks. Users can quickly move between products using their remote, and add items to their Amazon cart.

Interactive pause ads: The pause ad has become a standardbearer format in video streaming ever since Hulu debuted the concept in 2019, letting services insert an ad at a natural moment: When the user has paused a video. Amazon will add a translucent banner that once again lets users instantly ad a product to their Amazon cart.

Interactive brand trivia ads: A format that lets brands share more information about themselves or their products, with users able to add items to their carts, learn more information about brands or products, or even earn Amazon credits with the purchase of selected items.

The implication is that this means more ads. I'm not so sure. It may turn out to be the case if advertisers are attracted to the new options.

My Streaming Life doesn't often involve Prime Video. I subscribe to Prime for shipping benefits, and rarely use Prime Video. But, I do on occasion, so I may encounter this. Once I experience it, I'll know if I like it, hate it, or don't care one way or the other.

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