Saturday, May 11, 2024

Even more Amazon ads

If you have been worried that you weren't seeing enough commercials on your streaming services, fear not. Amazon will soon offer more commercials for you.

On the heels of Amazon's announcement this past week about new types of ads to be offered to advertisers, word is now that Amazon will start showing ads when you pause Prime Video.

Cord Cutters News reports that Amazon will start playing ads when you hit Pause when using their service.

Amazon is trying to grow ad sales on the Fire TV and Prime Video. Last year Amazon’s Fire TV added full screen video ads when you start your device. In January Amazon added ads to all Prime Video subscribers unless an extra fee is paid.

With these new ads Amazon will show a carousel of products that customers will be able to scroll through to select the ads/products they are interested in.

The pause ads will also be shown during Amazon’s live sporting events as well as movies and TV shows.

The report also includes information that you can avoid the ads if you pay Amazon an additional $2/month for an ad-free version.

My Streaming Life doesn't include a lot of Prime Video. This won't change that.

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