Friday, May 24, 2024

College Football Playoffs on Max

I'm not a regular user of Max (formerly HBO Max), but I do find it to be a good service. It is in my rotation of services.

Something will be added to Max this fall: college football. Specifically, the first two rounds (including quarterfinals) of the playoffs.

According to news reports, Max and TNT will air games over the next five seasons, starting with this year, when the college football playoffs expand to 12 teams.

The deal will see Warner Bros. Discovery’s TNT Sports and HBO Max show two first-round games over the first two seasons of the contract. In the ensuing three years, it will broadcast and stream two first-round games and two quarterfinals. The sides could add more games.

While TNT’s future partnership with the NBA is in doubt, the move for CFP games is unrelated to those current tenuous negotiations, according to executives briefed on the talks. The CFP agreement would have happened regardless of where the talks with the NBA stood.

ESPN, the home of the national championship, retains the rest of the rights to the newly expanded 12-team CFP with its six-year, $7.8 billion agreement.

I normally subscribe to ESPN during the college football season, and I don't know how this will impact things. It could be that I'll need to subscribe to more services to watch all the games. I don't like that idea. But I do like the idea of streaming services getting access to major sports. I suppose I need to take the bad with the good. My Streaming Life will be impacted, I just don't know how.

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