Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Comcast and TV fees

Comcast recently updated its TV fee rate card for some areas. Mine was updated on April 1, and I just this week got around to looking at it.

The total I would pay for local channels is: per month. Here's the breakdown:

  • Limited Basic: $24.00 (Requires TV Box, TV Adapter, or compatible customer owned device with Xfinity Internet service. Limited Basic does not qualify for Multi Product discount or Autopay and Paperless Billing discount. Cannot be combined with Xfinity TV multichannel services.)
  • Broadcast TV Fee: $25.70 (Applies to Limited Basic, Choice TV and Seasonal Xfinity TV service.)
  • HD Technology Fee: $9.95 (Required for HD programming if HD programming not included with service.)

Yikes! That adds up to $59.65 per month. And that's just for local channels. If I want DVR or other functionaltiy, that's more, and requires a bigger (more expensive) TV package. Regional sports networks? More, and a bigger (more expensive) TV package is required.

My Streaming Life has included an antenna for some time. I wondered if it was worth the expense. It is.

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