Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Peacock price increase, 2024 version

Peacock TV is raising its prices again. Of course, many products and services have gone up in the past 3+ years, so this isn't really a surprise.

So, what's the new cost of Peacock? Well, effective July 18, 2024, it'll be $8/month for Peacock, with the price of Peacock Plus (no ads, local channels) goes up to $14.

This price increase is $2/month for either service, and goes into effect 336 days after the last price increase.

My Streaming Life has included Peacock TV since the service launched. As a Comcast/Xfinity customer, I was able to get it for free. Still am, because of Xfinity Rewards. But, when it comes to paying that much for the service, I can say that I wouldn't. At least I don't think I would. It has some good stuff, but I don't watch it enough to pay for it.

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