Thursday, April 4, 2024

When to run a new over the air channel scan

You cut the cord. You stream your channels. You put up an antenna to watch local channels, and you record over the air content using a DVR.

Is that you? If so, you may wonder if you ever should re-scan your channels.

Well, yes, you should. For example, I ran a scan a couple of months ago, and found more channels that I had before. I hadn't run the scan in a couple of years, and new channels were available in that time. I should have run a scan, but when? And when should I run another?

The answer to that question isn't easy. There are different reasons that the available channels could change, and that could mean that I may need to scan more often than you, if our local circumstances are different enough.

But maybe there is a simple answer. And maybe experts in over the air channels would have an answer.

Well, recently, Tablo posted about this very topic:

"Is there a rule of thumb for how often I should run a new channel scan on my Tablo?"

You should always run and save a fresh channel scan with your Tablo if you are experiencing issues with antenna TV reception or have recently changed or moved your TV antenna.

Outside of those situations, we recommend running and saving a new channel scan with your Tablo at least once every three months.

They go on to list various benefits of doing this. It's an interesting read. I still wonder if that's too often, and more work than necessary. But, they are the experts.

My Streaming Life uses over the air antenna to supplement the streaming channels. I'll start scanning more often. Maybe I'll come around to there way of thinking.

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