Friday, April 12, 2024

Frndly TV is adding some local channels, just not the ones you might think

Frndly TV is one of the best bargains when it comes to vMVPD (streaming cable) services. For under $10/month, you get 40 live channels. The price is so low because Frndly TV doesn't carry news, sports, or local channels.

Well, until now, they didn't carry local channels. They're about to carry some. But there's a catch.

The first catch is that only six markets are affected. The next catch is that none of the local channels are the major networks.

A release on the Frndly TV Website says six markets will get limited local channels later this month:

With the debut of a broadcast station in six individual markets (one station per DMA), this will mark the first time in its history that Frndly TV is rolling out local programming. The local broadcast stations are expected to debut on the Frndly TV lineup in each market by April 30.

"As cord cutting continues to accelerate across the country," said Michael McKenna, Frndly TV co-founder and Chief Programming Officer, "we at Frndly TV are proud to be able to help support the local broadcast industry, and in particular, the important public service of delivering local news, by bringing back homes and viewers into the television ecosystem. We hope to continue to add a local station in more markets across the country in the near future."

The six local broadcast stations (five independents and one CW affiliated station) and markets are:

  • KDCO, Channel 3, Denver, CO DMA (Scripps - Independent)
  • WMYD, Channel 20, Detroit, MI DMA (Scripps - CW Affiliate)
  • WACY, Channel 32, Green Bay, WI DMA (Scripps - Independent)
  • KMCI, Channel 38, Kansas City, MO DMA (Scripps - Independent)
  • WFMZ, Channel 69, Philadelphia, PA DMA (Marantha Broadcasting Co. - Independent)
  • WHDT, Channel 9, West Palm Beach, FL DMA (Scripps - Independent)

‍Continued McKenna: "This is a significant milestone for Frndly TV. As we built out Frndly TV and added more national channels, the one thing missing was providing our customers with the local programming they want and care about – especially local news and popular syndicated content. With the addition of these local stations in each market, we are delivering to our customers news and entertainment they want at a price they can afford."

You'll first notice that none of the stations are major network stations. There are no ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC stations. Only one is a CW affiliate. Next, all are owned by Scripps.

Scripps owns eight independent stations and four CW stations. Five of the independent stations and one CW station are part of the deal. Scripps also owns several stations with major network affiliations, as well as several minor network stations (Bounce, Grit, Ion, etc.). The company owns 62 overall.

There seems to be no fear that prices will rise soon, leaving Frndly TV as a great bargain. The local channels in those six markets is a bonus for those markets.

My Streaming Life has included Frndly TV since the service launched. It's a great bargain, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not impacted by this change, but I'm happy for those that are.

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