Thursday, April 18, 2024

Why is Fubo trying to stop the new Disney/Fox/Warner sports service?

It's not been a story that has dominated the news, but there is an important story regarding sports streaming that you may know about.

Disney, Fox, and Warner-Discovery have announced plans to launch a new sports streaming service that will finally give streamers who want sports, well sports, and allow non-sports fans to skip it altogether.

The bad news is that Fubo is suing to stop it.

The question may be on your mind: Why is Fudo doing this?

Well, Luke Bouma of Cord Cutters News took a look at it recently, and says Fubo claims the companies stopped Fubo from doing the very same thing:

In the lawsuit, Fubo, the live streaming service, alleges that the trio of media giants stole from their playbook in a new attempt to thwart Fubo's business. On of the big complaints Fubo has is that they have wanted to launch a similar service but have been unable to because Disney, FOX, and Warner Bros. Discovery forces them to offer a bundle of channels including non-sports channels.

This need to offer the Disney Channel to get ESPN, for example, is according to Fubo unfair if these companies decide to offer a sports-only service, which is something Fubo has been asking to do but has been unable to.

"The underlying motives and implication of this joint venture also command our scrutiny. Every consumer in America should be concerned about the intent behind this joint venture and its impact on fair market competition," Fubo said in an earlier statement.

Disney is arguing in their case to the judge that these new streaming services will bring more options than ever to Americans in terms of how to watch these channels. The fact that they own the content and want to offer a bundle of sports-only channels should be allowed.

Live sports content is in high demand and the competition between streaming platforms to provide it is heating up. Fubo and other streamers would be dwarfed by the powerful union of Disney, FOX, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

This is a story with the potential for a huge impact. My Streaming Life would love a stand-alone sports service. However, if Fubo wins, this could slow that. But, based on what I know, which admittedly isn't much, I think Fubo is in the right. If so, a Fubo win may slow it, but the fault would be Disney's.

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