Friday, April 26, 2024

A Disney FAST service?

There was a report last week that Disney may be rolling out a free ad-supported television service, or at least incorporate FAST channels into Disney Plus.

The Information reported that Disney was looking into FAST channels:

Disney is the latest to expand in this market. The company plans to create a series of such channels within its Disney+ streaming service that show programming in specific genres, including either Star Wars or Marvel-branded shows, according to people involved in the planning. Lots of other companies have already launched such channels, although typically as free offerings rather than within a subscription service. That includes Disney, which has launched similar channels within its app, such as one dedicated to its "20/20" newsmagazine program and another to the daytime soap opera "General Hospital."

There aren't a lot of details about it. And nothing may come from it.

If Disney Plus does incorporate FAST channels, will this be watchable without a subscription, much like Freestream is with Sling TV?

I have no idea. My Streaming Life would like some new and interesting options. More of what's already available on Pluto TV, Tubi, The Roku Channel, Crackle, Plex, Freestream, and other channels isn't really bringing anything to the table. All it would do is keep Disney eyes within the Disney app. But that's probably the idea anyway.

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