Monday, April 1, 2024

Best Streaming services for 2024 (according to Tom's Guide)

Recently, Tom's Guide published an article about the best streaming services in 2024. I don't agree with it all, but it is a good write-up on the services. They make good cases for each of the services they list.

So, what is this list?

Here's what Tom's Guide says:

These services are just one-half of the streaming equation, though. As the cable box slowly withers away, it's being replaced by smart TVs and the best streaming devices, which include Rokus and Chromecasts. And by testing the best streaming services and devices side-by-side, we figure out the best way to build the ultimate streaming setup with the best selection of content and live channels.

  1. Max - The best streaming service overall
  2. Hulu - The best for new TV shows
  3. Netflix - The best streaming service for variety
  4. Disney Plus - The best streaming service for families
  5. Sling TV - The best streaming service for live TV
  6. Peacock - The best cheap streaming service

I'm not sure I agree with all these selections, but they are pretty good selections. But I have some different thoughts.

Best cheap streaming service is Frndly TV, followed by Philo. Paramount Plus should be considered. I would put Peacock no higher than 4th place.

Best for live TV would be YouTube TV. It's a lot more expensive than Sling TV, and Sling TV is my go-to in the fall for college football via ESPN, because of the price. But overall? Not just sports? Probably YouTube TV.

Best for families would be either Disney Plus or Frndly TV. For children, Disney Plus, but for the whole family, I think Frndly TV is better.

I agree with Hulu for new TV shows, and Netflix for variety.

For overall, I'm not sure I agree with Max, but I don't strongly disagree. Paramount Plus is a good alternative and one I'd pick instead. Prime Video is an alternative to consider as well. It should be better organized, as it's the streaming version of the bargain bins at Walmart. Not in quality, but in arrangement. Lots of stuff, some really good, but not as easy to find.

My Streaming Life doesn't use all these services all the time, but I do use them on occasion. I like to rotate them, and doing that, then lists such as this don't carry as much weight. These services are all good, and have different benefits. By rotating them, you get to sample them all a month at a time. It works for me. And I'd suggest rotating services to see what works for you.

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