Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Peacock discount for veterans

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Today is one of the last four days of Military Appreciation Month. I make that distinction because a lot of people seem to confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day. I'm a veteran, and I appreciate that Veterans Day is a thing. I certainly appreciate Memorial Day which is to honor those that did not return from service.

It's quite frustrating to me when I see things that seem to honor veterans in general on Memorial Day. That day is not for me. It's for my fallen comrades.

When Peacock had a special for veterans, I grimaced, thinking they were confusing Memorial Day with Veterans Day. Only, that was an error on my part. You see, May is also Military Appreciation Month. And that's the reason Peacock is offering a special offer for veterans. So good on them.

Normally, I don't look to take advantage of discounts for veterans. I've seen so many over the years that wore one kind of uniform or another -- military, law enforcement, etc. -- that would put on their uniform to get into a football game for free or to go out to eat to get a discount. I don't actively seek military or veteran discounts. If I'm asked or explicitly offered, then yes I'll accept gratefully. But I don't seek it out. That smacks of "I did this, where is my reward?" I don't seek a reward for my service. I wasn't drafted. I volunteered freely. I don't expect a reward.

That's not to criticize the vast majority of those who served who will take advantage of discounts offered. It's just that I've seen enough who wore a uniform that are looking out for themselves, and themselves only. Generally, they don't last long in uniform, because that's not what service is all about. Sure, benefits are great and are appreciated. I've seen enough selfish veterans, or selfish veterans spouses that it puts me off. I don't want, in my mind, to be lumped in with them.

Anyway, Peacock had a special for veterans as part of Military Appreciation Month. I only saw in in conjunction with Memorial Day, but it is a fine thing they're doing offering discounts to veterans. I've criticized Peacock, NBCUniversal, Comcast, and all aspects of that company plenty. This I do thank them for. I have a code and understand that I can use the code later when my current Peacock deal ends. I'll take advantage of it then.

As you can see, I'm not avoiding all discounts. I'm just not one to actively seek them out, or go around letting people know I'm a veteran. I bring it up when it's applicable, but the rest of the time, I don't say anything about it.

My Streaming Life doesn't use Peacock TV a lot. I do a little. The discount is much appreciated, and gives me a better feeling regarding the streaming service. That's the idea, right?

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