Monday, February 5, 2024

Onn 4K Streaming Box

In 2021, I bought and tested the Walmart Onn Streaming Box. It went poorly.

Last year, Walmart released an updated Onn 4K Streaming Box. That went well. In fact, I like the devices so well that I plan to add them to TVs that don't have a Google TV interface available. The $20 price is $30 less than the 4K/UHD Chromecast device, and has the same functionality.

Okay, I said I like it, and that's true, but I didn't give many details of what I like. I'll do some of that now.

First, the box comes with everything you need.

Besides the device itself, the remote, alkaline batteries, and the power cord, there is also an HDMI cable and double-sided adhesive tape.

The thing I don't like about the device is that it's so small and lightweight, that the stiffness of the HDMI and power cables can keep the device from sitting flat. The double-sided tape can be used to keep it attached to a shelf, or better, the back of a TV. It's not a stick, but it can be out of sight like a stick.

If the device was heavier or larger, it might not be possible to mount it so easily. The Roku Ultra device is larger and heavier, and there are third-party mounts that can be purchased for around $20. Or, you can buy a pack of adhesive strips from Roku for $3. Yes, that's cheaper, but Walmart includes the necessary adhesive tape. No extra cash, no extra waiting.

Another thing I don't like is that the HDMI cable and power connection are on opposite sides. That means there is no "back" to the device. Either one comes out the front and the other the back, or they come out the left and right sides. Either is awkward. Unless you mount it to the back of the TV, in which case it doesn't matter.

So, those two things I don't like about it, are actually pluses. There is one other thing I don't like about it: the USB connection is USB mini, not USB-C. It's really not a big deal, and I assume cheaper. If so, that keeps the price down. So, that might actually be a plus as well.

Now the things I like. Well, it's a Google TV interface. I like the interface. Roku's is simple, and easy, and great. But Google TV is pretty darn good. It's a busier interface, similar to that of Fire TV, but it's better done than Fire TV. It's different from Roku's, but it's good. So the interface is a positive.

The remote is good. I actually like it better than the Chromecast remote. I like it as well as the Roku remote, which has traditionally been my favorite.

Setup is easy. You simply use the Google Home app (available on Android and iOS) to set it up. It's easy and well done. It walks you through the setup, and suddenly you're done and have a working Google TV device.

Now, if you don't like the Google TV interface, you won't like the Onn 4K Streaming Box -- or Google Chromecast, for that matter. But if you do, the device works well and setup is as easy as it is for Chromecast.

My Streaming Life has used primarily Google TV for the last several months. The Walmart Onn 4K Streaming Box is a very good streaming device at a great price.

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