Friday, February 16, 2024

She lost the remote

My Special Lady did something unexpected the other day. She lost the remote to her Chromecast.

She's not one that often does stuff like that. I mean, she actually lost the remote. Not simply misplaced it and found it later. She actually turned the house inside out looking for it. It's gone. Missing. Nowhere to be found.

So, what to do?

Well, the easy answer is to replace the remote. So, how much does one cost?

That's not easy to answer, because it depends on where you buy it, and from who you buy it.

Google sells the Chromecast remotes for $20. There are compatible remotes on Amazon for the same price, but would arrive sooner.

There were even other remotes for a lower price, but not that much lower in price.

So, spend $20, right? Well, yes, but not in the way we discussed. I simply spent $20 for the new Walmart Onn Streaming Box. That gave me a comparable Google TV device, but a 4K/UHD one rather than a standard HD device.

It also meant that I didn't need to wait on it to be shipped, since Walmart had the device in stock.

I don't like not having the remote, and I don't like having a useless Chromecast, but I did what I think was best to resolve it. I got an entire device for the same price as the remote.

My Streaming Life doesn't often run into issues of missing or defective items, but every now and then, things happen. This happened, but now it's fixed.

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