Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Should I recommend not getting cable?

A friend just moved to the area from a large city. She's a family friend, actually, that I met through the family (of course). She lived in the Washington DC area and I've visited her house there with family. She's moved from that area to southeast Georgia recently. As in within the last week. She's setting up house, getting things organized, and making the adjustment from DC to SE GA.

During a conversation this past weekend, she mentioned in passing that she doesn't have Wi-Fi, which I took to mean she did not have Internet at her new house. At least, not yet.

When we visited her, we didn't watch any TV, so I don't know if she had cable or not. Or satellite or not. I don't know what she had.

Anyway, her comment that she didn't have Internet got me to thinking. Should I ask her about her plans for TV? Maybe she just doesn't watch TV. Maybe she loves satellite TV. Maybe she's a fan of cable.

Whatever her preference is, that's her preference and what works for her. I should not insert myself into that part of her life. I mean, yes, she's a friend, hugs me when I see her, and is a person I genuinely like. But we've never watched TV together and I don't know her TV likes and dislikes.

You see, just because I'm into streaming, and have been for over a dozen years, doesn't mean that what works for me will work for her. I'm experienced and knowledgeable and can answer questions about streaming options. I know devices, services, and equipment. I know ways to save money and find ways to watch the content you want to watch.

What I'm not able to do is tell you what's best for you. Only you can do that. And that goes for my friend. If she has questions, I can answer them. I can help her setting up anything she wants. But I can't suggest she not get cable.

I can help her compare the prices of cable against streaming. I can help her find the services that offer the content she wants. I can help. But I can't interfere.

My Streaming Life works for me. If she wants help with hers, I'm here for her.

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