Saturday, February 3, 2024

Paying Amazon to remove ads doesn't remove all ads

Some people are getting upset because Amazon has added ads to Prime Video, and are asking for $3/month to remove those ads.

Some that are paying the money are upset that they are still getting ads. I hate to say it, but Amazon is correct about still showing ads. The problem is that people assume things they shouldn't assume.

Of course, the bigger problem is that Amazon started showing ads as a hidden way to increase the price of their service. Getting $140/year isn't enough for them, it seems.

Here is why I'm saying that Amazon is correct in still showing ads. Follow me on this, if you initially disagree.

Amazon had places that had ads already. They recently added ads to their Prime Video service, but have always had ads on Freevee (formerly IMDB TV) and other free streaming channels. If Amazon hadn't made their recent change, you would not have ads on the Prime Video content, but you would have ads on Freevee and similar services.

Now, Amazon has added ads to Prime Video, and want to charge you $3/month to remove those ads. And they will remove the newly-added ads, but you'll still get the ones you always got.

So, technically, Amazon is correct in not removing all the ads. But I really don't like them adding ads to start with. They are catching flack because of this whole removing ads but not removing ads.

My Streaming Life doesn't often use Prime Video, so this isn't really a problem for me. But I hate what they've done to those that use the service a lot.

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