Saturday, February 17, 2024

Time for another app cleanup

From time to time, I'll reexamine the apps on my streaming devices and find some to remove.

It doesn't really hurt to leave apps I don't use on the devices, but I prefer a cleaner experience. So, I decided to look at the apps and see what could be removed.

I have the Sling app, but that's for when I subscribe to Sling TV for ESPN during college football season. I should remove it.

ESPN was only used with the Sling TV credentials during football season. It's now been removed.

Xumo Play is another I don't use. I actually don't like it, since it plays content without my pressing "Play" and there's no way to turn it off. There is no option to disable Autoplay or Auto Preview. So, yeah, it's now removed.

Netflix was to watch Dave Chappelle last month. I canceled at the end of the month, but never removed the app. Well, I have now.

YouTube Music isn't used on my streaming device, so it's now cleaned off.

Starz is one that I'm still waiting on the subscription to run out. I'm keeping it for now, but it'll go away in a few months.

I rarely watch Kanopy, but I want to keep it. So, I'm keeping it. Maybe I'll actually use it again soon.

I haven't used Redbox in quite some time, so it's now been removed.

I really should remove Pluto TV, Roku Channel (from non-Roku devices), and Tubi. I rarely watch them.

CW is another I rarely use. I need to look around more on that app and decide if I want to keep it. I'll probably remove it, just not yet.

Disney Plus isn't used, so it goes away.

Max was still on one of my devices, even though the subscription ended a while back. It's gone now.

Same for Brit Box. Haven't subscribed in a while, so the app is now gone.

Likewise Curiosity Stream.

Stirr is still on one device. Make that "was" on one device.

Filmrise hasn't been used in ages. It's now gone.

Same for Local Now.

I should probably remove Crackle, since I don't watch it. I will, just not yet. Not sure why not.

My Streaming Life doesn't utilize these apps and services, but they are taking up space on my streaming devices. Or were. It's nice to clean things up every so often.

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